• Ideal for Couple + Small Children
  • Sleeps 4: Queen Bed + Convertible Lounge

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Living On Sunshine

Everything’s onboard for a last minute getaway. Escape with a lightweight, hardtop to maximise privacy and minimise noise, stylish interior and cosy lounge.


From $135 Per Day


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  • Sleeps 2 adults (with option for 2 children in lounge area)
  • Shower/Toilet
  • Kitchen with 185 litre fridge
  • 95 litre water tank
  • Comfy lounge/dining
  • Heating & airconditioning
  • Off grid solar & battery
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What's Inside

Queen size bed
Sleep like a baby on an innerspring mattress, with side reading lights and plenty of storage.
Spacious Kitchen
Plenty of space to brew the coffee and prepare all your meals with a cook top, sink and 185 litre fridge with separate freezer.
185 Litre Fridge
Separate fridge and freezer for all your food, and to keep your favourite beverage chilling.
Combo Shower/Toilet
Combined internal shower/toilet, basin, and gas and electric hot water.
Cosy Convertible Lounge/Dining
Multi purpose seating area with table to eat, relax and plan your adventure. Converts to a bed to accommodate two children.
Convertible Bed For Kids
The cosy multi purpose dining area, quickly and easily converts to a bed for two young children.

Onboard essentials


  • Kettle (gas & electric)
  • Toaster (gas & electric)
  • Microwave
  • Dinner setting for 6
  • Pots, frypan & kitchen utensils


  • Retractable awning
  • Exterior floor matting (4 x 2.5metres)
  • Cleaning accessories
  • 22 litre gas hot water

Off grid

  • 95 litre water tank
  • Solar panels
  • Battery

Towing Specs

  • Caravan length: 6.39m
  • Travel height: 2.7m
  • Min car towing capacity: 1,575kg

Avan Aspire 499 caravan. See full inclusions.

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Price & Booking

  • Ideal for Couple + Small Children
  • Sleeps 4: Queen Bed + Convertible Lounge

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  • Standard | 4 days
  • Summer School Holidays | 14 days
  • Easter School Holidays | 7 days
  • Mid Year Holidays | 7 days
  • Cup Weekend | 5 days
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