Quote Followup

Thank you for checking the details of your quote or attempting to Book.

Since sending out the quote, we have upgraded our website.

Sadly the old quote system was not supported in the new website. However, we now have an instant price and booking mechanism. We apologise, but we just need you to find the van van again on our “Find a Van” page, then you’ll be given an instant price and the ability to book. Just put in your travel dates and you’ll be shown available vans.

If the instant price is much more than the quote you previously received, please contact us and we will do a manual booking.

“It’s no surprise that a new generation are discovering caravan holidays as a welcome reset for modern life. Providing every comfort, convenience and affordability”

Scott, Managing Director

Taking the frustration out of holidaying.

Our mission is to take the frustration out of all aspects of hiring and holidaying in a caravan. We heard many caravan-hire stories about poor quality fittings and lack of help causing anything from ongoing annoyance up to significant inconvenience while travelling. We resolved to do things differently.

Only the best fixtures & equipment

The styling, comfort and features inside many new caravans is luxurious. We only select caravans that are lightweight, easy to tow, and beautifully fitted out, with high quality beds, ensuite bathrooms, washing machines and stylish kitchens. We choose models with similar quality interiors and smart layouts, so no matter which caravan you choose, you know the experience and quality will be the same.


Everything automated & transparent

We wanted everything automated, fast and transparent. When you find the caravan you want you can book it instantly. There’s no wait time and no need to call. Everything is online, with clear details of what’s included. Pricing is completely transparent with absolutely zero hidden costs.


Comprehensive information & lots of support

Having the right information and help when you need it is essential for peace of mind while on holiday. We’ve put together a comprehensive induction process that takes you through everything – from towing to awning, battery and solar set up. We also provide clear in-caravan instructions for absolutely every question under the sun, and access to support if you need it on the road.

Tips and tricks for an unreal adventure

We love sharing the best holiday spots and helpful tips so you can make your next adventure even better.
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